ToyUp Cabover Utv Decks come in 3 different configurations  for you're  application, they are 74" wide with a 8" longtravel option,
and 50" option for trail machines.
7' cabover-shortbed only, up to 90" wheelbase
8' cabover-universial, up to 107" wheelbase
9' cabover-longbed only, up to 117" wheelbase
ToyUp cabover decks come powdercoated black hammer, integrated roof rack, 11'folding ramps. 300lbs for the cabover deck, very
easy to load and remove.
ToyUp Atv & Utv Flat decks come in 2 widths, 74" & 98" and 3 lenths, 7' 8' & 9', they  come
standard with black hammer powdercoat, 11'folding ramps, and line-x decking